Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tatuaje Monster Series The Wolfman

As you know Tatuaje releases a cigar around Halloween every year for the Monster Series.  This began in 2008 with The Frank, a Double Corona box press for Frankenstein.  In 2009 they released The Drac, a fang like torpedo for Dracula.  And last year they released The Face, a toro gordo for Leather Face of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

This year will be The Wolfman, a 7 ½ by 52 Box Press Torpedo.  This cigar will also have a shaggy foot to give the cigar a more hairy appearance.  As always 666 dressed boxes with 13 cigars will be released along with 1300 undressed boxes of 10.  These cigars are usually released within a few weeks of Halloween.  So as soon as I can get my hands on a cigar I will be sure to blog about it immediately!!!!

On a side note during my research I found two cool accessories to hit the market soon from the monster series.  The first is a coffin shaped travel humidor that holds 10 cigars and comes with a free guillotine cutter. And the other is a S.T. Dupont lighter for the Wolfman.  So keep your eyes open for these items.

As soon as these cigars are available you can purchase them from

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