Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Great Discovery has this beauty B56 blend from Miami, Florida occupy the top spot of our website, Discovered and blended by:
Sam Khalil "Casa De Montecristo" owner, and a Master Blender with Cuban Heritage. After spending months of hard work and efforts
in January, 2012 Casa De Montecristo of Chicago, Illinois has revealed the secret of BEHIKE blend.

It didn't take to long before we received our first shipment of these cigars in May, 2012. Blended to satisfy all connoisseurs.
This well balanced cigar "Taste, flavor, size and shape" smokes just like BEHIKE 56, therefore the name derives from the original
Cuban BE
HIKE 56, and generally speaking the price point is not even close. This is a limited production so we encourage everyone to try them before they're just a memory.

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