Friday, July 19, 2013

New EP Carrillo ICPCR Release - E-Stunner

Photo of the EP Carrillo Booth at the ICPCR Show as posted on EP Carrillo's Facebook Page
EP Carrillo's newest release, that was unveiled at the 2013 ICPCR show in Las Vegas, is called the E-Stunner.  The premise of this cigar came from a very interesting idea.  EP Carrillo set out to create a cigar that would produce a similar effect as an energy drink.  They were made strong and full of flavor with the idea being to "stun" you!

There will be 3 sizes available; a 4 x 46, a 5 x 50, and a 5 ½ x 54.  The details of the blend have not been released yet but already the excitement surrounding this cigar is mounting.

I will certainly keep you updated with the details as I know them!

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