Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ultra-Premium Stradivarius de Los Maestros

Country of Origin:  Dominican Republic
Wrapper:  15 Year Old Connecticut
Binder:  Havana Seed Nicaraguan
Filler:  Honduras, Nicaragua, and Dominican
Vitola:  Robusto
Length: 5 ½
Ring Gage:  50
Strength: Mild

Stradivarius is a General Cigar product created by Daniel Nunez.  This cigar encompasses everything a great cigar should be!  This cigar has premium tobacco that has been aged for 15 years! The construction on this cigar is perfect.  And it is presented in individual coffins that are adorned with a wax seal and a ribbon. 

The wrapper is a nice golden color.  The construction is seamless with beautiful vein lines throughout.  It is firm to the touch and a touch of oil on the wrapper.  The draw is perfect and burns evenly and smooth.  This is a very well balanced cigar that is creamy, smooth, earthy, and also has a touch of sweetness to it.   

I’ve read a lot on the internet where people were saying that this cigar is too bland.  This is not a bland cigar (in my opinion, at least) most likely it is not suited for some palates.  This cigar is the best of the best, just keep in mind you will be smoking a mild cigar.  If you are used to more full bodied smokes I would suggest smoking this cigar in the morning as the first cigar of the day, that way you will be able to appreciate the flavors of this cigar. 

And also it’s worth noting (since I did a blog on aged cigars yesterday) that this would be a perfect aged cigar to try.  These cigars were released in 2007 on top of the wrapper also being aged for 15 years!!  I found that 8 to 8 Cigars in Villa Park is pretty competitive in their pricing for this cigar.  So if you have been wanting to try this cigar but were turned off by the price try buying it from where it comes right from our aging room!  

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