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Studio Tobac Sampler Pack and 2011 World Tour

Studio Tobac, the company that brings you Cain and Nub, will be on the road from February of this year to the end of November promoting their new cigars. This event is creating quite a buzz and I thought I would take a few moments to talk it up a bit. This year one lucky winner will win a Special Edition 2011 Touring Corvette Convertible. They are actually bringing the car to every venue so you will be able to view the vehicle at each event!

This year they are also releasing a Limited Edition Sampler Pack that features six cigars. The Sampler packs are not available for individual sale nor will they be available on the internet through Studio Tobac. You will receive this sampler pack as a gift with purchase.

A board member from Studio Tobac, Ian Hummel, states; “It’s important to offer some unique cigars to the retailers and consumers that come out and support our events.” (qtd. from a Studio Tobac Press Release).

The Sampler Pack Contains one of each of these six cigars that are unique to this Sampler Pack:
* Nub Habano Perfecto
* Nub San Andres Maduro (Unique Size - No Name)
* Cain Daytona Short Robusto
* Cain FF Torpedpo
* ST/DS-001
* Cain F Lancero

All six of these cigars are unique to this Sampler Pack. The Cain F Lancero for the time being in unique to this Sampler Pack. It has been decided that this cigar will go into regular production but a date has not been given. The ST/DS-001 is a new prototype cigar. The ST/DS stands for Studio Tobac Dark Side. This cigar is set to be released this year but an official date has yet to be given. It is being packaged in this Sampler with the proto-type band; the official band has not even been made yet! The Cain Daytona short robusto is a size that is unique to this Sampler Pack, 5 other sizes of the Daytona are available for purchase. The Cain FF Torpedo is only available in this Sampler. The Nub Habano Perfecto is again another cigar where the size is unique to this Sampler Pack, 3 other sizes are available for regular purchase. And finally the Nub San Andres Maduro is a cigar unique to this Sampler Pack.

The World Tour is visiting 8 to 8 Cigars (one of my go to stores) September 1st from 5 to 10pm. So I thought over the next few weeks I would review each of the cigars in the Sampler Pack because I know you’re going to enjoy them as much as I did!

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