Saturday, July 13, 2013

7 x 70 Ring Gages

Larger ring gage cigars are the hot size right now.  For a long time the "it" size was a 6 x 60, but now manufacturers are releasing massive 7 x 70 cigars.  And surprisingly they have become my most popular selling size. 

I am going to be honest, every downfall I could possibly think of about having a 70 ring gage cigar has been disproven by the feedback from all of my customers.  These cigars do not burn hot.  All have burned nice, even, and smooth.  These cigars taste absolutely fantastic considering the amount of filler needed to make the ring gage.  Not to mention you get to smoke one cigar for quite some time, at a very reasonable price. 

We've put together a sampler for our internet store that showcases the best of the best in 70 ring gages.  The sampler includes names like EP Carrillo, Gran Habano, Torano Master, and Asylum 13.


I'd be interested in hearing your feedback about these cigars!!

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Anonymous said...

I may be in the vocal minority, but I really enjoy the 70rg sizes