Thursday, November 14, 2013

Foundry No. 1 Wells

Country of Origin: Dominican Republic
By:  General Cigar Company
Wrapper: Connecticut H-47 Pleno Sun
Binder:  Unknown
Filler:  Unknown
Vitola: Toro
Length: 6 inches
Ring Gage: 50
Strength:  Medium

The wrapper used for this cigar has been aging for 5 years.  General has yet to disclose the tobacco used for the binder and filler but they have said it is five different tobacco from four different countries.  Each cigar comes with a signature gear unique to each size. 

The cigars are a gorgeous reddish brown color.  There are quite a few vein lines, but I feel like this adds to the overall feel of the cigar.  There is a nice triple cap with the rest of the cigar appearing to have good construction.  It feels firm to the touch and I did not notice any soft spots. 

This cigar starts out as mild with notes of espresso, nuts, and earth.  There is a slight spice but nothing overpowering.  The cigar stays somewhat consistent as you smoke.  The only major change is it moves from slightly sweet in beginning to having a creamy butter finish.  The burn was very even and consistent throughout the smoke.

This is a great release from general cigar.  The packaging and ideology behind the ornate gears on each cigar is very unique and eye catching.  Definitely a great every day smoke that I will be adding to my repertoire.      

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