Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Davidoff Art Edition 2014

Davidoff has just unveiled the new Limited Art Edition of 2014.  The Davidoff Art Initiative supports contemporary art and up and coming artists from the Caribbean.  The Cigar bands and boxes are adorned with compositions from Qualsqueya Henriquez, who was originally born in Cuba.  He is quoted as saying; "I have always had a mind to work with images that illustrate time and the many different steps involved in the tradition of cigar making." The compositions, inspired by the tobacco fields of the Dominican Republic, capture both the time-consuming process of cigar making and also pays homage to the artist's Native Caribbean Culture.

The cigars are a perfecto shape rolled by only a select few at the Davidoff Factory.  Master blenders were asked to create a Dominican Puro using rare and aged tobaccos.  Two compositions of Art are showcased on boxes that house 10 cigars with each containing a second band that matches the artwork on the box. These are extremely limited with only 850 boxes of each of the Artwork created!

Part of the proceeds from the sales of the Limited Art Edition will benefit the Davidoff Art Initiative that helps to support new artists.

Taken from the Davidoff Website

Taken from the Davidoff Website 

Taken from the Davidoff Website

These are set to begin shipping tomorrow! These boxes are a piece of history and highly collectible.  Not to mention the cigars are rumored to be quite amazing in their own right! Be sure to collect both boxes!

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