Thursday, May 15, 2014

Regius of London by Exclusivo USA

Compliments of Exclusivo USA

Regius of London Cigars is launching a new line; Exclusivo USA.  These cigars are hand rolled in the Plasencia Factory. Only the finest tobacco was used to create a unique and one of a kind taste. These cigars are a Jalapa Wrapped Nicaraguan Puro that has everything you want in a cigar; richness, complexity, body, and smoothness. Each size has a slightly different flavor profile. They range from mild to medium all the way to medium to full. 

Akhil Kapacee of Regius Cigars is quoted as saying this for an official press release;

"I can probably count the number of meetings I have been asked to attend in the last few years on one hand. However, I was in one such meeting with Nestor Plasencia and his staff, one of the biggest tobacco growers in the world, last Thursday. As soon as we had lit up the cigars, the Earth started to shake violently. Quite literally. Whilst the others made swiftly for the exit, we sat there, stunned, looking at the cigar. This was a cigar so complex that if the roof had fallen in, I can say with absolute uncertainty that I would have died satisfied.

Exclusivo U.S.A. uses the very best of Nestor`s tobacco, and his best rollers. Each cigar has a unique blend crafted for its respective size, all of which aid the development of flavour and complexity. The pressed perfecto has an intensity from the box press coupled with the closed foot which ages the tobacco slower. The Toro Extra develops with every puff, into a crescendo of taste two thirds of the way through. The Fat Perfecto displays an array of aromas and texture as it widens and progresses.

Many months of hard work have gone into these cigars, to achieve something unique, whilst also capturing the traditional flavour profile and method of blending. There is not many cigars that would leave connoisseurs in stunned silence as an earthquake measuring 5.9 on the Richter scale shakes the earth. But this is one of them."

Compliments of Exclusivo USA

Compliments of Exclusivo USA

The official Release Party is Thursday May 29th at Casa de Montecristo in Countryside. Please call (708) 352-6668 or visit for more information. 
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