Thursday, August 18, 2011

La Flor Dominicana Colorado Oscuro No. 3

Country of Origin:  Dominican Republic
Wrapper:  Ligero Sumatra from Ecuador
Binder:  Dominican and Nicaragua
Filler:  Nicaraguan Sumatra
Vitola:  No. 3
Length:  5 inches
Ring Gage: 50
Strength:  Medium to Full

I would first just like to start out with a bit of an explanation on this cigar because I’m sure you were confused by the name of this cigar as well.  I was pretty excited when I heard about a Colorado Oscuro; I mean how do you do that!! But the wrapper is a Sumatran Ligero from Ecuador not an Oscuro Connecticut Broadleaf as the name implies.   I have heard that Litto Gomez named this cigar Oscuro for the dark oily wrapper and Colorado because the hills of Sumatra, where this tobacco is grown, reminded Litto of the hills of Colorado.

This cigar will be released in limited quantities.  There will only be two shipments of this cigar a year.  It comes in four sizes:
* No. 2 (42.5 x 48)
* No. 3 ( 5 x 50)
* No. 4 ( 5.25 x 54)
* No. 5 (5.75 x 60)

I chose to smoke a No. 3 because I’m a fan of that size.  The cigar has a dark oily wrapper, with a darkened LFD label that compliments this cigar beautifully.  It shows striking vein lines and looks well constructed.  It is not too firm or too soft to the touch. 

You get a bit of spiciness upon first lighting.  But as you smoke you get a slightly sweet, slightly salty caramel finish.  I want to say you also notice a slight pepper taste as you smoke, but that just doesn’t describe it right.  It stayed pretty consistent throughout the smoke.  I did enjoy this cigar very much; I have to admit it was a bit of a change from La Flor.  It didn’t pack that powerful punch we’ve come to love from Litto, but it’s nice to have a milder option available.  In my opinion Litto is trying to reach more people by creating a cigar that everyone can smoke and enjoy, I think it’s fantastic!

This is a great cigar to enjoy after a great meal with a glass of premium cognac!

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