Monday, August 22, 2011

Nub Habano Perfecto

Country of Origin:  Nicaragua
Wrapper:  Habano
Binder:  Nicaragua
Filler:  Nicaragua
Vitola:  Perfecto
Length:  4 ½ inches
Ring Gage: 60
Strength: Medium to Full

So on to the next cigar only available in the Studio Tobac 2011 World Tour.  This Nub Habano will be the same blend as the other sizes that are available, but it is the size that makes this cigar one of a kind.  It is a perfecto size (4 ½ x 60) that makes it different than the other 3 sizes available; it is half an inch longer than the other 3 sizes! 
There are three sizes that are available right now:

* 464T (4 x 64 with a torpedo cap)
* 466 (4 x 66)
* 464 (4 x 60)

This is a medium to full bodied smoke.  I found the flavors complex and robust.  I noticed a nice spice and almost a caramel undertone.  It smoked very evenly and again even though it is only 4 ½ inches long lasted me well over an hour!  Since this size is unique it’s great to have smoked a one of a kind cigar, but it is nice to know that 3 other sizes are available because I will smoke this one again.  

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